Olivia Rigal writes romance with a touch of spice. She’s the author of bestselling novels such as Ripped and Stone Cold.

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Hi Olivia! Thanks for stopping by! Tell us a few things about yourself!

I’m an American in Paris since I met this French guy to whom I’ve been “engaged” for thirty one years. We have two kids who have flown from the nest and some days I wonder if I’m a monster because I was happy to see them spread them their wings and fly away than I was happy to take care of them when they were younger.

I’m a full time lawyer but I plan to slow down to write non legal fiction… what else… I’ve been battling my weight forever and losing the battle which explains why I write BBW stories.


Who is your fictional boyfriend? (if you have a pic of him, even better!)

Yul Brynner is for me the epitome of male handsomeness.

I love the fact that after he had a sense of humour twisted enough to table a commercial to invite people to stop smoking to be release after his lungh cancer related death:



 Tell us about your latest release!

In English, the story is called “Stone Cold” and is in a bundle about bikers in which I’m in fabulous company with 9 other fabulous authors who are NYT and USA Today best selling authors.


The second part of the story has also been released and it’s called “Cold Burn.”



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oh and my email address: chrystallathoma@gmail.com